Tastes of Vietnamese food

Vietnam Cuisine

What makes Vietnamese food special?

When visiting Vietnam, one of the delights is the amazing cuisine. Vietnam is a country of variety of food. Vietnamese cuisine is particular although most of the dishes have root from China but are added and improved by Vietnamese generations to be typical and light.

Taste a Vietnamese food, notably, the most famous and popular ‘Spring Roll’, you will soon realise its pure distinction which nowhere to be found.

You will never have to look very far for food in Vietnam – restaurants (nha hang) of one sort or another seem to be in every nook and cranny. Unless you eat in exclusive hotels or restaurants, Vietnamese food is cheap. The best bargains can be found at street stalls (Street food), most of which are limited to the amount of ingredients they can carry, so tend to specialise in a couple of particular dishes. Wander around until something takes your fancy.

Vietnam has abundant food supplies and an elaborate cuisine. Cooking is seen as an art and some Vietnamese dishes have achieved international fame, including such traditional dishes as noodle soup (pho), pork sausage (gio lua), spring rolls (nem ran), and fish balls (cha ca).

In addition to Vietnamese food, the larger hotels also serve a wide variety of Continental and Chinese cuisine. In the smaller cities, when the hotels only have one restaurant, ordering a-la-carte may involve a slight wait, consequently it is advised that you take advantage of the large and diverse buffets available at these hotels to minimize any delay.

Never drink water from the hotel tap, no matter what category of hotel you are staying in. Bottled mineral water is available at all hotels throughout Vietnam. You can have ice in your drinks when you are sure that it is made from purified water.

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