Vietnam travel tips – Useful informations before you visit Vietnam Vietnam is generally an easy country to travel. Here are some general Vietnam travel tips and advice on topics like: weather, what to bring, tipping, currency, etc. What to bring when travel to Vietnam Bring as little as possible. Keep in mind that you can and will buy things in Vietnam, so do not burden yourself. If you do forget to bring any ‘essential’ items, it’s quite likely that they can be bought in Vietnam, at least in the cities. Currency, Exchange and ATM The local currency is the Dong (abbreviated “d” or VND). Bank notes are 500d, 1000d, 2,000d, 5,000d, 10,000d, 20,000d, 50,000d, 100,000d & 500,000d. Coin is no more used. Money and traveler cheque particularly U.S. Dollars, can be exchanged at banks, hotels and authorized money- exchangers. It is advisable to carry U.S. Dollar bills in small denominations. Credit cards are generally only