—Testimonials – Our clients’comments— We are very attentive to our customers. Your appreciations are a mine of information. Your testimonials are evidence of your interest to us. Arriving home, it is always tedious to spend sometime doing a post, and so many of you write to us, we appreciate even more the value of this approach. We thank you, because it allows us to reinforce our way of working to SATISFY YOU Travel in Thai – Cambodia – Vietnam Group “Mr/Mrs. BOODHOO YADOWSUN, BOODHOO SUZANNE and Mr/ Mrs. CHACOWRY SOOBASSCHANDRA, CHACOWRY ANO RADHA”- 4 pers from 17 to 30 Nov 2015 yboodhoo@intnet.mu Hello Ms Thuy Le, Thank you for the email. The delay in replying is due to normal factors. All of us are so taken up with settling back and reorganising our lives with particular preparations for end of the year festivities and children and grandchildren activities. We thank you and your comapny for