When to go to Vietnam? When to go to Vietnam? Best time to go where you want to go? There are no good or bad seasons for visiting Vietnam. Vietnam has remarkably diverse climate. Vietnam stretches over 3260 km from north to south, with an area of 332,000 square km, Vietnam’s topography varies from coastal plains to mountain ranges, therefore weather patterns in the principle cities are very different. North: – Tropical Winter lasts from November to March, with temperatures averaging 10 – 26C, the weather is quite good but fog and drizzle is often in January – February. – Summer begins in May and lasts until September, the hottest time from May to July temperature is around 28-36 C, the short spring about 1 month on April – Fall in October, with an average temperature of 30C, heavy rainfall and the occasional violent typhoon. Center: – Central Vietnam experiences a transitional climate, with heavy