Our Specialty “Tailor-made Travel”

What is our speciality ” Tailor-made Travel”?

What make us special ? It’s our ” Tailor-made Travel“, it means simply “Design your travel wishes and comfort you!” We are the local professional Travel Agency in Vietnam.

The private tour designed just for you – the especial journey made to suite you, customize as your request as base on our experience and smart advices for the best.
A journey entirely tailor-made, created and adjusted to your desires.
Your privileges of your trip in a private car, guide, date, the length of the journey, transportations…
Choose the suitable trip depend on the season and your rhythm, your interests and your personality.
Choose your type of accommodation you request suite your budget, when and where you want to have meals …
Directly from us to you, without intermediaries, we are here to do to make your trip as your wishes.
+Create your trip according to your expectations
+Our team work and design the best program for you
+Each of the changes will be carried out according to your wishes
+Our goal is to build a trip that suits you
+We have many partners to improve the design of your stay

Everything is prepared in every detail to make your trip corresponds exactly to your wishes. Go confident with confidence! Our definition of a trip “home” and “custom”

A trip created and planned by us according to your expectations, with the accompaniment of an English speaking guide, private car with driver and all the services that will be offered to you

A trip planned for customers traveling in “private”
Single, couple or friends that is in all cases solely between you and your travel – you will exclusively travel on your own.
Tour designed with you and completely customizable according to your desires
The “Tailor-made” Unikasia is the benchmark for authentic travel or the privacy, comfort and above all freedom prevails